1200 miles later, four guys and a dog complete their walk to Brazil for the World Cup

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Marco Werman: In Brazil, World Cup madness is striking a lot of people recently, including 3 young Englishmen who decided to walk to the World Cup in Brazil from Mendoza, Argentina. We profiled them back in January. The plan was to travel exactly 1,966 kilometers by foot. Get it? 1966, as in the last time England won soccer's greatest prize. But let's be honest, back in January I kind of doubted these bar buddies would actually walk that distance, which comes out to about 1,200 miles. Tell you what, let's ask one of the guys. So, Adam Burns, did you make it?

Adam Burns: We did indeed, yes, we arrived at the Estádio Beira-Rio in Porto Alegre yesterday at 2PM. It was a very emotional end to what's been an epic adventure.

Werman: You got a lot of attention along the way, including at one point from Nike, who sent you head-to-toe uniforms for the English national team, but more importantly attention from a little dog. Tell us about this crazy story.

Burns: We did. So, we were walking through Solis in Uruguay, which is right on the coast. What we thought was a stray dog, because he smelt so bad, started following us. It was a black Labrador. We walked about another 5 kilometers, he was still there. We stopped in a cafe and he got under our table. We tried to shoo him away and we just couldn't get rid of him. That was 5 weeks and 800 kilometers ago and Jefferson - we named him Jefferson Ramsay Moore - he completed the whole thing. The twist in the tale at the end, I don't think Walt Disney could have written a more perfect ending, 3 days before we were finishing our trip, we were contacted by a Uruguayan guy called Nacho who said he was the owner of Jefferson and he'd seen our story. Nacho then hitchhiked all the way from Solis in Uruguay to Porto Alegre to arrive on the same day that we did on the Estádio Beira-Rio. It was a very emotional reunion between the two yesterday. Jefferson was going crazy, he obviously remembered Nacho very fondly. Nacho has had him for 6 years. It was a perfect, perfect ending for us.

Werman: What a great, sweet story that is. Adam Burns, one of three Englishmen who have actually walked to the World Cup from Argentina, just like they said they would. You can see pictures from the group's journey on foot from Mendoza, Argentina to Porto Alegre, Brazil at PRI.org/WorldCup.