Sweet Baby Sleep (an original lullaby) — plus my own experience

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May 03, 2014

As far as my personal experiences with lullabies, I remember my Mom singing My Grandfather's Clock to me to get me to sleep as a child.  I also remember hearing her sing Daddy's Little Girl to my sister in the other room.A few years ago, I had the idea to record a lullaby album as a gift to my family and friends. I'd previously recorded a Christmas album, of me singing Christmas classics. I'd been wanting to do a lullaby album for all my family and friends that were having children. I planned to include classics, such as the songs I mentioned above, but I also wanted to include an original lullaby. Over a couple of years, I did work on my own, brand-new lullaby. I never did have the opportunity to record the entire album of lullabies, but for Christmas of 2007, I did finish and record, on my own, the lullaby that I wrote. I released it on my personal website as a Christmas gift for my friends and family. I'm including it here.I'm sure other people have other examples of lullabies that they've come up with on their own for their children or grandchildren, maybe because they didn't like the standards. This is my example of that.


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