Pais Dinogad

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April 14, 2014

Written in the seventh century, Pais Dinogad is one oldest known pieces of Welsh verse. It was actually written in the margins of the epic poem Y Gododdin. A mother sings to her baby about Father's hunting skill, and about his two dogs Giff and Gaff. Sadly, we'll never know what it sounded like or how it was sung.Peis dinogat e vreith vreith.o grwyn balaot ban wreith.chwit chwit chwidogeith.gochanwn gochenyn wythgeith.pan elei dy dat ty e helya;llath ar y ysgwyd llory eny law.ef gelwi gwn gogyhwc.giff gaff. dhaly dhaly dhwg dhwg.ef lledi bysc yng corwc.mal ban llad. llew llywywg.pan elei dy dat ty e vynyd.dydygai ef penn ywrch penn gwythwch pen hyd.penn grugyar vreith o venyd.penn pysc o rayadyr derwennyd.or sawl yt gyrhaedei dy dat ty ae gicweino wythwch a llewyn a llwyuein.nyt anghei oll ny uei oradein.Dinogad's smock, pied, pied,I made it from martens' skins.'Wheed, wheed, a whistling!'I would sing, eight slaves sang.When thy father went a-hunting,A spear on his shoulder, a club in his hand,He would call the nimble hounds,'Giff, Gaff; catch, catch, fetch, fetch!'He would kill a fish in his coracleAs a lion kills its prey.When thy father went to the mountainHe would bring back a roe-buck, a wild boar, a stag,A speckled grouse from the mountain,A fish from Rhaeadr Derwennydd.Of all those that thy father reached with his lance,Wild boar and lynx and fox,None escaped which was not winged.


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