Éste era un Conejo — by Silvia Schujer with Julieta Szewach and Mariano A. Fernández

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April 07, 2014

Julieta Szewach performed the vocals for this song, with lyrics written by Silvia Schujer. Both grew up in Argentina. The pair worked with Mariano A. Fernández on a book of lullabies, including this one. The lyrics translate to "There was a little bunny / Who wouldn't go to sleep / At night he waited / For the day to arrive. / Softly the mama rabbit sang to him / Sweet little bunyy go to sleep / If you close your eyes / You will float into the clouds / And a carrot will come to you / And when you awaken / The moon won't be there any more / And what surprises there will be in your cradle." This song is courtesy of Putumayo's Latin Dreamland album.


Country: Argentina