Take a ride on one of the world's most extreme zip lines

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Audio Transcript: Abhinav Churiwal: Okay, guys, have a nice ride. Five, four, three, two, one! Marco Werman: So, are you scared of heights? I ask because I've got a new world quiz here that's going to test your acrophobia. You know zip lines, right? You harness yourself up and then let gravity takeover for a bit of a thrill ride. You zoom down, usually past some trees, through some trees, no big deal, but what you're hearing right now is the sound from a camera mounted on the harness of one of the wildest zip line rides in the world. It's more than a mile long and features a vertical drop of almost 2,000 feet. Churiwal: You reach speeds of up to 85 to 90 mph. Werman: And don't close your eyes because all the way down you're looking at the Himalayas. So, where are we? Well, let's see, if you're doing 80 down the zip line, I'm gonna give you about 600' to answer the quiz. That's about five seconds for the mathematically challenged. Okay, this zip line is located in Nepal in a place called Pokhara, to be exact. Abhinav Churiwal is with High Ground Adventures, which runs the ZipFlyer. 
Churiwal: The experience is amazing. You know, we have those electronic gates that open up when you launch, and as soon as you are there on the ride, you feel you are airborne. You know, you get a feeling of wind gushing on your face and you know, it's like a feeling that you feel like you're flying. You know, when we started running trials we used dead weights, but then I was the second human trial for the zip line. And I was scared at that time, but then as I did it it was amazing. I mean there's a 180 degree view, so you see the complete Himalayan range while you're zipping down. The best time of the day to try it would be sunrise. You see the sun raise on the Himalayas, so it all looks orange. And just imagine you're zipping down, while watching the sunrise. I mean that would be the best time, around six o'clock in the morning. We had a 65-year-old lady who went on the zip line and I could see like from 50 meters away she had a bright smile on her face, and as soon as she entered the landing platform we took her off the harness, and all she said was 'God bless you, my children, and this is one of the best rides I've ever had.' It made everyone's day. Werman: Abhinav Churiwal, High Ground Adventures in Nepal. He was telling us about the ZipFlyer, one of the world's most extreme adventures. You'll want to see some videos of the ride, and yes, we have them at pri.org