From Russia with Love?

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We're in Russia for today's Geo Quiz where some people go all out for Valentine's Day. They shell out for long stem roses, boxes of chocolate, and amorous cards. But officials in the Russian city we're looking for take a dim view of the heart-shaped holiday.

This city in southwestern Russia is located near the Ukrainian border. Its name comes from the Russian words for white and city. "White" refers to the wealth of mineral deposits nearby including white limestone and chalk.

But when it comes to Valentine's Day, some authorities there backed by the Russian Orthodox Church are urging schools, businesses, and nightclubs to refrain from celebrating. They say the holiday is an unhealthy western phenomenon.

They say instead of fostering any spiritual and moral values, it only benefits "commercial organizations." It's not just Valentine's Day, by the way. They don't like Halloween, either.

The name of this city comes from the Russian word, bély plus górod. So the answer is Belgorod.