Lobster safari in Sweden

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For today's Geo Quiz, we're searching for an ocean strait between the North Sea and Kattegat Bay. Denmark lies to the south — Norway and Sweden, respectively, to the north and east.

This water way played a historical role. The Germans sought to control it during World War I and II. And in 1916, a major sea battle was fought here. These days, you're more likely to experience a lobster safari along the strait, in one of the fishing villages in western Sweden.

So, can you name the strait where the lobsters are running?
Geo Answer:

The answer is the Skagerrak strait, and lobsters are abundant here. Many restaurants in West Sweden are involved with the local food movement and luckily that includes lobster from the Skagerrak. Jake Warga takes us to one of West Sweden's swanky restaurants:

My first impressions of Sweden came from the crazy chef on the Muppet show who battled with rebellious lobsters, an impression that may not be all that off.

On the coast of West Sweden, I did find a chef cooking lobster at the bed and breakfast where I was staying.

"I actually think that all the chefs are a little bit crazy because not everybody can take it," said Mattias Jonssen, head chef at Villa Sjotorp on the west coast of Sweden.

Jonssen was in the kitchen wrestling a lobster bouillon; he's also a professional juggler.

"So you get the lobster, you take out the meat and you make the sauce out of the shells then you put the lobster back in the shells, you use everything, it's perfect," Jonssen said.

I also discovered that there's a local food movement going on in Sweden.

"We'll only buy our cheese from small farms … all the nice restaurants in Sweden does that it's not like you call your distributor and say we want meat," Jonssen said. "You don't want some beef from Brazil; you want it from around here."

West Sweden is famous for its seafood, especially, its pickled herring. But luckily it's lobster season.
Lobster safari

I was curious about where the lobster I ate came from. It turns out it was from a lobster safari.

Per Karlsson runs the safaris. And not just for lobster; there are oyster safaris, mackerel and crab safaris.

For the lobster safari, Karlsson and his brother take people out on their wooden boat to haul in traps, then it's back to the boathouse to boil water and eat very fresh lobster.

During the safari Karlsson hauled up a box and inside is was a massive lobster. I named it garlic.

"This one is about 20 years old … she's a female," Karlsson said.

The local food movement is happening in the big cities as well. From West Sweden I went to the capital Stockholm to a trendy hotel/restaurant… definitely, cool people were everywhere. I spoke with.

Samuel Laulajainen is responsible for all restaurants bars food and beverages in the hotel Scandic Malmon

I asked him about the local food movement,

"That's a trend in Stockholm as well: if you know the farm, you put the farm on the menu," Laulajainen said. "We're trying to buy everything local … we try to know where the meat is coming from where the potatoes are coming from, and you even need to know where your eggs come from these days. Our guests are getting more and more interested in that"

At the end of the Muppet skit, it's the lobsters that get the upper hand and attack the chef today in Sweden bites are a source of local pride.