Packer with African roots

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We're looking for a West African country with Super Bowl bragging rights. That's because one of the winners, Green Bay Packers' safety Charlie Peprah has roots there. In fact, Peprah's grandfather once ran the West African nation. His rule ended badly though. Military leader Ignatius Kutu Acheampong was deposed and executed following a coup in 1979. His daughter fled the country with her husband shortly after that. The couple settled in Texas, where they raised three sons, including Charlie.

So, what West African nation are we looking for?

Geo Answer:

Peprah's family roots are in Ghana. His dad flew in from Ghana to attend the Super Bowl yesterday. Happily for both father and son, the Packers won. By the way, Charlie Peprah isn't the first "Texas-born NFL player with Ghanean roots" to win the Super Bowl. He was preceded by Indianapolis Colts' running back, Josep Addai.