Super Bowl fans in Europe

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Audio Transcript:

In the Geo Quiz, we're talking Packers and Steelers — and Gladiators and Wolves. Super Bowl XLV is fast approaching. The Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers kick off early Sunday evening.

That's already around midnight in the Central European country we're looking for but you can bet that thousands of NFL football fans there will staying up late to see the game. Some of the most passionate fans are the country's 2,000 football players who compete on amateur teams such as the Debrecen Gladiators or the Budapest Wolves.

Where are they rushing, passing, and tackling?
Geo Answer:

The answer is Hungary where interest in American football is growing fast. Anchor Marco Werman speaks to Budapest based journalist and Hungarian female linebacker Veronika Gulyas about the mood among Hungarian fans and players on the eve of the Super Bowl.