French landmark and wind power

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The Geo Quiz is making a pilgrimage of sorts. We're looking for a tiny, tidal island, right off the coast of Normandy in France. It's famous for its breathtaking setting and is crowned by an abbey whose foundation dates back to the 8th century. Over time, the abbey became a destination for religious pilgrims. Although now it's hard to separate the pilgrims from the tourists, a whopping 3 million visitors each year.

Soon, though, there may be something else for tourists to see along this stretch of coast: wind turbines — and that's causing some angst.

So, name this island off the coast of Normandy!
Geo Answer:

The answer is Mont Saint Michel, currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But the government plan to erect wind turbines off the Normandy coast may be threatening Mont Saint Michel's UNESCO status. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Henry Samuel, who is covering the story for Britain's "Daily Telegraph" newspaper.