Couple Gets Married Following Rare Snow Fall in South Africa

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Lisa Mullins: It snowed yesterday in Johannesburg, South Africa, and Rui Moca and Monique Joubert what did you guys do?

Rui Moca: We got married.

Mullins: You got married and in fact here's what it sounded like.

[RECORDING: I therefore pronounce you are husband and wife.]

Mullins: That is Jacaranda FM's broadcast of your wedding. Now, Monique, we're not hearing from you because I guess you sort have lost your voice in all the excitement.

Joubert: Yes.

Mullins: Yes. That's about all you can squeeze out. Tell us exactly how this all came about. I understand it was kind of a combination of mother nature, snowing in Johannesburg, which it rarely does and Monique's eager sister?

Moca: It snowed about four years ago, yeah, in Johannesburg, and when it snowed we said…well, we came up with the plan that the next time it snowed we were going to get married — not knowing that it was going to snow yesterday.

Mullins: I wonder if that was kind of like it will be a cold day in hell type thing?

Moca: No. I don't think so.

Mullins: So you really were sort of looking forward to it. You didn't think it was going to happen so fast though. So then, Monique, your sister called this radio station, Jacaranda FM, when the snow came and what did she say?

Joubert: Well, I think she told them that we're trying to get someone to help us get married. Sorry about my voice. And they helped out.

Moca: Then the next thing we knew the Jacaranda FM was calling us and they were arranging the wedding to be done live on the air in their studios.

Mullins: Within how long a period of time?

Moca: Within three hours they had arranged everything. They had a minister there. We had a cake. She had a dress. There was photographers. We had flowers. There was a car waiting for us to take us to bring us to the hotel. It was insane.

Mullins: So, Monique, if you can speak, did you not get to pick out your own dress? Did the one they picked out fit?

Joubert: I could actually choose out of six options so she brought quite a variety with her and I could choose and immediately when I saw the one I knew that was the one. So it was pretty easy I must say.

Mullins: I'm curious as to whether or not you felt like this was sort of all out of your hands and maybe that's kind of liberating, maybe on your own wedding day that's sort of what you wanted?

Joubert: Oh yeah, definitely, I must say it's crazy. It went by so quickly. Someone was helping me putting on the dress. Someone was doing my hair. Someone was putting on makeup. I got all…it was crazy.

Mullins: How about for you, Rui? What was it like on your end for the groom?

Moca: It was nerve racking. It was nerve racking. I just pretty much stood around. We had been at work up until 2:00 in the afternoon and then that's when we saw the snow and decided we're going to do this. So we didn't have rings and it was one of the things they were trying to get through to the station but unfortunately it didn't happen. But it's fine. We had other rings on. She had her engagement ring so we used that and then I just had one of my rings that we used.

Mullins: That's all right. Now, this was very spontaneous but you guys were already engaged so you sort of had made your own vow to spend the rest of your life together even without the snow?

Moca: That's correct, yes. We were actually planning to get married in April/May of next year.

Mullins: Have you guys stopped to catch your breath and kind of look at each other now and say oh, we're married?

Moca: I wish we could actually. I think we're going to do it tonight. Monique's crying. We haven't. It's been insane. We got home last night after the wedding and we went straight to bed and fell asleep. We were exhausted and I think tonight we feel the same. It's been a long day.

Mullins: And Monique, for you?

Moca: She's crying. She's crying. She can't talk right now.

Mullins: She can't talk anyway. Congratulations, man and wife. Rui Moca and Monique Joubert. Monique, are you changing your name or are you going to keep Joubert?

Joubert: I'm changing it.

Moca: She's changing it.

Mullins: So, Monique Moca?

Moca: That's correct.

Mullins: Good. You guys are great. Congratulations again and thank you.

Moca: Thank you so much. We really appreciate everything.

Joubert: Thank you.