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  • Venezuelan_states-e1338908184465.jpg

    This map shows Venezuela's 23 states plus a region of Guyana that Venezuela claims (Photo: Wiki)

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    Oscar Pineda, director of human rights group in Barinas, at his office where photos of people who have been kidnapped and disappeared line the walls. (Photo: John Otis)

  • P1050517.jpg

    A school girl in Sabaneta stares at a mural of the Venezuelan flag. (Photo: John Otis)

  • P1050489.jpg

    Jose Luis Machin, a Barinas reporter, stands outside the police office. He was called in for questioning after reporting on links between a corrupt union and government officials. (Photo: John Otis)

  • P1050512.jpg

    A mural on independence hero Simon Bolivar on the wall of a public school. (Photo: John Otis)

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