Norwegian seaport

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For the Geo Quiz, we're looking for a Norwegian seaport up above the Arctic Circle: 240 miles north of the arctic circle to be more precise. It's in the extreme northeast corner of Norway, near the border with Russia. The port looks out onto a bay that's part of the Barents Sea. Cruise ships that ply these waters have to be on the lookout for floating icebergs and fjords.

This northern city is also the northern-most stop for the Hurtigruten cruise line. It's ships travel daily up and down Norway's western coast but these are not your typical cruise ships. They are "no frills," working vessels or as one guide puts it: "There's no bingo, no karaoke, no dancing girls."

So, can you name that Norwegian seaport close to the Russian border.
Geo Answer:

Kirkenes in northeast Norway is the answer. That's where tour guide Anna Kristin Tvedt offers "no-frills" cruises on working ships that take tourists and locals up and down the coast picking up shipments of fish and delivering supplies. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with her.