Former CIA general counsel worried that Obama administration wants to do a "complete teardown" of policy on treatment of terror suspects.
A new study links health with economic change, focusing on the collapse of the Soviet Union and higher death rates of men.
Musician Samba Mapangala's performance is a symbol of the new relationship between Africa and the U.S. under Barack Obama.
Many Chinese are using the Internet to criticize their government, and that's spurring the government to launch a crackdown.
Malian singer-songwriter Rokia Traore is known for her use of traditional West African music. But on her new album, she uses an all-American electric guitar.
Spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says campaign in Gaza was successful in destroying "the Hamas military machine."
Human Rights Watch says Israel is using white phosphorous in the Gaza Strip -- it's illegal under international law to use the chemical as a weapon against civilians.
The U.S. imports a lot of coal from Colombia and the life of a coal miner there is hard, but the miners are not the only ones impacted.
An innovative program provides bicycles to people in need in the developing world -- like HIV caregivers in Zambia.
Gas for heating is in short supply in many European countries as Russia and Ukraine accuse each other of interrupting supplies.