Full story - April 12, 2021
Close-up photo of cosmonaut
Author Stephen Walker discusses his biography on Yuri Gagarin with The World's host Marco Werman.
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US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are shown each standing behind podiums with US and Israeli flags in the background.
US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin visited Israel reiterating Washington’s commitment to the country. The visit came coincidently as news of an explosion emerged from Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility. And, voters in Ecuador have elected conservative businessman Guillermo Lasso as their new president. Also, Monday marks 60 years since Russian Yuri Gagarin’s first voyage into space.
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A row of tall stainless steel centrifuges are shown.
Top of The World: Iran has blamed Israel on Monday for an act of “cybersabotage” that caused a blackout at the country’s Natanz nuclear facility. Also, Monday marks the start of the holy month of Ramadan and for the second time under coronavirus restrictions. And voters in Ecuador have rejected the leftist movement giving former banker Guillermo Lasso 53% of the vote and the presidency
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A soldier on patrol in a neighborhood with a boat on the street.
In the last four months, a wave of violence has taken over much of the city, as two criminal groups, Los Chotas and Los Espartanos, vie for control.
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At the entrance of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Headquarters, an Avaaz.org activist dressed as Eva Peron — also known as Evita — sings "Don't feed the greed Kristalina," an adaptation of "Don't cry for me Argentina" from the hit musical "Evita,"
In the last year, 86 countries have taken out $110 billion in emergency loans from the IMF, and many are struggling with the debt.
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A crowd of people are shown in the street with one man in the center fram wearing a scarf over his face.
COVID-19 cases are rising in India as its vaccination drive attempts to keep up. And, since President Joe Biden's first day in office, US-China relations have been both a priority and a concern. This week, Taiwan has been at the center of attention because China has revved up pressure there, with military exercises by air and sea. Also, new research shows Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica may be even more vulnerable than scientists realized.
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A display of a variety of guns on a table made from unauthorized parts
The Biden administration faces pushback from Republicans as it tries to pass legislation to further regulate "ghost guns" assembled with homemade parts.
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A large crowd of people are shown outside of the tall black iron gates of Buckingham Palace.
Top of The World: The flag at Buckingham Palace in the United Kingdom is flying at half-mast on Friday following an announcement from the royal family that Prince Philip had died. And, Israel said it will not cooperate with the ICC investigation into potential war crimes committed in the Palestinian Territories. Also, despite a surge in COVID-19 cases, the neighboring South American countries of Ecuador and Peru are holding presidential elections on Sunday.
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A man stand next to a machine with large slabs of wood.
Wood used to rule much of the building world, and now, it’s poised for a comeback, as engineered wooden buildings start to become an eco-friendly alternative to concrete and steel.
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Two white men wearing dark jackets drink beer outdoors at a pub in London.
England’s potential COVID-19 certificate scheme would require customers to show proof of vaccination, a negative COVID-19 test or immunity status to gain entry into shops, pubs and theaters.