Facing political and economic pressure from the US, Mexico has seen a shift in public attitude toward migrants: Rising resentment is replacing tolerance in a country that is both deeply religious and has a long history of sending its own citizens to the US.

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A young man shows his college shirt
In early 2018, Omar Helalat was a student at SUNY Albany about to graduate and start an internship in New York City. Today, Helalat has been in Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention for over a year. It's all because of a strange quirk in US immigration law related to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients.
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People walk through Red Square in Moscow. St. Basil's Cathedral is in the distance.
Not everything revolves around politics for young Russians — life is more than being pro- or anti-Putin for the vast majority — but for some, politics dominates their lives and what they hope is their future.
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young men stand near burning tire in Sudan
Monday raids against a Sudanese protest camp marked the worst outbreak of violence in the country since the army ousted President Omar al-Bashir in April. Reporter Jason Patinkin speaks with The World about the impact on the Sudanese capital.
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US President Donald Trump is shown wearing a dark blue suit and Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May is shown wearing a light blue suit as they are walking.
It's day two of President Donald Trump's trip to the UK. Today we explore what his visit mean for Brexit. Plus, who are the young Russians that are diving into politics and political activism, both in support of Putin and against him? And, we mark the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crackdown on pro-democracy student protesters in China.
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Women's soccer team posing for group shot in red uniforms.
On Tuesday, June 11, when the Chilean women’s national team takes the field in France, it will be a dream most of the players never thought possible.
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a big pile of plastic garbage
Plastic junk from the US is often sent to Southeast Asia, where illegal "recycling" centers are causing an environmental emergency with the fumes from burning trash. And many people believe that America, above all, has the power to make this stop.
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A young woman writing on a notepad
Frances Hui, a student in Emerson College from Hong Kong, is proud of her city's tradition of democratic rule and independent spirit. She penned a column for her college newspaper talking about her identity and received backlash from fellow students.
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Protesters in Tiananmen Square hold up a sign that says absolute power corrupts absolutely.
June 4, 2019, marks 30 years since the massacre during protests at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China.
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Britain's Queen Elizabeth II greets US President Donald Trump are shown facing each other shaking hands.
Britain rolled out the royal red carpet for President Donald Trump on Monday. Also, we kick off our week-long series on Russia on Monday when we hear about a recent trend among Russian millennials and Gen Zers: volunteering. Plus, researchers aboard an icebreaker in Antarctica attached temperature sensors to a dozen seals. For the next year, they’ll chart the layer of warm water that’s reaching West Antarctica’s glaciers and melting them.
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A woman is shown standing behind three cats in cages below a wooden sign that says, "Woof fest."
A growing number of Russians are volunteering time to help solve issues facing the country — issues that the Russian state is not taking on itself.