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The World - Episode 20071114 - Writing for Latin soaps

The screenwriters' strike is on the minds of many Americans. But TV writers are busy writing in Latin America -- where there's no strike and lots of soap operas in production. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Joao Ximenes Braga, a writer for a hit Brazilian soap opera.

The World - Episode 20071114 - How Singapore battled obesity

The World's Patrick Cox continues our series on global obesity with a report from Singapore. Authorities there tried to combat obesity by putting overweight kids into special clubs and forcing them to exercise and diet. It did reverse the trend, but it also made many kids in Singapore miserable.

The World - Episode 20071113 - Tensions in Venezuela

Protests are erupting throughout Venezuela as a planned vote on constitutional reforms draws near. The reforms would expand President Hugo Chavez's power...and - critics say -- severely weaken one of South America's oldest democracies. Reporter Ruxandra Guidi has more from Venezuela's capital, Caracas.