Facing political and economic pressure from the US, Mexico has seen a shift in public attitude toward migrants: Rising resentment is replacing tolerance in a country that is both deeply religious and has a long history of sending its own citizens to the US.

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A high school graduation in Northern California
Undocumented immigrant teens are increasingly graduating from high school without legal protections such as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Despite the uncertainty, these students are turning to their networks and one another to push ahead and pursue higher education.
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Iranian American businesses in Westwood, Los Angeles, California.
Today, about 180,000 Iranians live across California. Some say hearing calls for war between the US and Iran is like a "roller coaster ride" — and opinions vary on whether they would support US military strikes.
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Sudanese protesters gesture and chant slogans at a barricade along a street, demanding that the country's Transitional Military Council hand over power to civilians, in Khartoum, Sudan June 5, 2019
Sudan is in crisis. The crackdown on its pro-democracy movement has been brutal, but there may be worse to come, including civil war and a flood of asylum-seekers.
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An empty water bottle lays on the dirt behind a string of barbed wire
Prosecutions in the US for those who help migrants with shelter, food, water or transportation are on the rise. It tracks a trend playing out in Europe since its 2015 refugee crisis.
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A man crouches in the dirt surrounded by others as they review a few maps.
The desert around Ajo, Arizona, is one of the most deadly parts of the US border. Humanitarian aid groups there are continuing to provide food and water along known routes even as they await the verdict of a fellow volunteer who has been charged with helping two migrants.
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More than a dozen parachutes are shown in the sky with two people dressed in WWII military uniforms in the nearground.
On this 75th anniversary of D-Day, we hear from one American veteran who tells us his story of returning to Normandy for what he expects to be his last visit. And, how the controversial legacy of Hugo Chávez splits one family, just as it divides the whole of Venezuela. Plus, how gaming and student procrastination in the 1980s took on a new purpose with the advent of Tetris— arguably one of the Soviet Union's greatest exports — on the game's 35th birthday.
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Children hold up signs protesting climate change.
As the climate crisis escalates, researchers are looking into how mental health is being impacted by scientists' gloomy predictions of scientists.
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Two women hold their arms in a bicep flex pose. One is wearing a pink cardboard costume in the shape of the women's gender sign.
Russia's feminists are fighting to be heard in a country where most think there are bigger problems than gender inequality.
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Mexico's President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is shown with his right hand raised in the air and a red and white background.
President Trump's threat of tariffs on Mexican goods is already impacting cross-border trade in the cattle industry. And, what is Mexico doing to control the migrant flows north. Plus, a new case of panda diplomacy as China prepares a state visit to Moscow.
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A man speaks in front of a crowd of journalists with microphones.
Australian police conducted a raid on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, ABC, and has caused worry on the state of global press freedom. A new Freedom House report titled "Downward Spiral" goes into detail on the erosion of press freedoms.