Full episode - June 21, 2019
US President Donald Trump is shown sitting and looking to his left with Mike Pompeo standing behind him to his left.
What happens next after President Donald Trump's last-minute decision to call off a US military airstrike on Iran. Also, Istanbul prepares for a do-over of mayoral elections at the insistence of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, whose party lost the vote earlier this spring. And, North Korean state TV has been airing an animated show that features a group of cute bunnies defeating an invading wolf. The World's Patrick Winn ponders what country the wolf could possibly be a proxy for.
Full story - June 21, 2019
For the first time in 17 years, Turkey had a televised, moderated election debate.
Full story - June 20, 2019
A man plays with his daughters in their living room.
A Syrian family resettled to the US in 2015 has gotten comfortable with life here. But restrictive US policies toward refugees mean other family members can't join them.
Full episode - June 20, 2019
A large military drone is shown with a white top and dark underside.
US President Donald Trump says Iran made a "very big mistake" by shooting down a US drone on Thursday in the Middle East. It's the latest escalation in tensions between Washington and Tehran, and we'll hear reactions from both sides. And on World Refugee Day, we hear from Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar who talks about her own background as a resettled refugee from Somalia. Plus, while Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in Washington Thursday; back home, there's a controversial oil sands pipeline project going forward.
Full story - June 20, 2019
US Representative Ilhan Omar addresses a small rally on immigration rights at the temporary installation of a replica of the Statue of Liberty at Union Station in Washington, US May 16, 2019.
Refugee-turned-Congresswoman Ilhan Omar shares her insights on the refugee crisis, US tensions with Iran and how she thinks the US should handle migrants at the border.
Full story - June 20, 2019
a North Korean bunny prepares to exact revenge
These bunnies might look cute, but if you cross them, you just might die screaming.
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A college campus
Under the Trump administration, international students are facing new administrative hurdles. There are signs those changes are driving international students away from higher education in the US — students who are a boon for many US college campuses because they usually pay higher tuition rates.
Full story - June 19, 2019
Aurora Morena Sierra
In May, a network of Colombian organizations representing sexual assault survivors brought forth a list of demands to the Colombian government. They called for the government to pay monetary reparations to both sexual abuse survivors and children born as results of the abuse.
Full episode - June 19, 2019
A man is shown in the distance walking amongst the smoldering rubble of a crashed airplane.
Five years since Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 was shot out of the sky over Ukraine, investigators in the Netherlands have announced that they're putting three Russians and one Ukrainian citizen on trial for murder. Also, a United Nations report into the murder of Jamal Khashoggi reminds us of what we largely knew: that there is credible evidence linking Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and other high-level Saudi officials to the journalist's killing. And, an island in Norway asks to be set free from any time zone.
Full story - June 19, 2019
Rohingya refugees stand in a makeshift refugee camp made mostly of tents.
A new report from the UN says that the UN shares responsibility with Myanmar's government for the human rights abuses in Myanmar due to systemic failures. John Sifton of Human Rights Watch spoke with Carol Hills about how this conclusion was reached.