Five-month-old baby Alessia Truica and her parents, Florin and Daniela. Alesya was born with opaque corneas and needs transplants to see. The cost could be as high as 80 thousand dollars. The Truicas earn about 600 dollars a month. A grassroots charity drive has raised half the money they need. Appealing to strangers for help is becoming more common in Romania, where public healthcare is in shambles and private care too expensive for many people.

George Dorin Andreescu, aka Gorija, a doctor who gave up medicine out of frustration with Romania's dysfunctional healthcare system. He's now a famous music DJ, often playing free shows to raise money for people to get medical care outside Romania.

Romanian electronica gods Suie Paparude get 250 dancing at the charity event in Bucharest for 5-month-old baby Alesya Truica. Truica was born with opaque corneas and needs a transplant to see.

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