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January 13, 2021

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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is shown wearing a dark suit and a face mask while walking in the halls of Capitol Hill.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi walks through Statuary Hall on Capitol Hill in Washington, Jan. 13, 2021.


Susan Walsh/AP

Donald Trump was impeached for a second time Wednesday as the House of Representatives debated whether to remove the US president. And, Canadian authorities are considering designating the Proud Boys, a right-wing extremist group founded by a Canadian, as a terrorist organization in the wake of the crisis at the US Capitol. Also, the European Union's Food Safety Authority said on Wednesday that mealworms are safe for human consumption.

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Why Canada may designate the Proud Boys a terrorist group

David Hofmann, a professor of sociology at the University of New Brunswick, has studied the rise of white extremism in Canada. He spoke to The World’s host Marco Werman about the rise of right-wing extremism in Canada that is inspired by the US.