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August 29, 2019

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In Kashmir and Elsewhere, Digital Authoritarianism is on the Rise 

Kashmir's blackout has meant that millions of people in the state have not been able to communicate with the outside world, so reports on conditions in Kashmir have been scarce. 

Rohingya Babies Born In Bangladeshi Refugee Camps

Around the second anniversary of the mass exodus of Rohingya Muslims to Bangladesh, we look at the babies that have been left stateless. 

U.S. Soccer Fans Rebel Against the Banning of Political Speech in the Stands

For 33 minutes, many fans of the Portland Timbers and Seattle Sounders stayed silent. Then, the anti-fascist banners came out.

South Asian Actors Are Finally Getting Hollywood Leads -- No Accent Required

2019 has seen a spread of movies starring South Asian actors. Is it a sign of a shift, or just a blip?