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February 01, 2019

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Russian missiles on display.

Components of SSC-8/9M729 cruise missile system are on display during a news briefing, organized by Russian defense and foreign ministries, at Patriot Expocentre near Moscow, Russia, Jan. 23, 2019. 


Maxim Shemetov/Reuters

Music Heard on Air

The songs played between segments during this episode included:
Song: undir
Artist: Ólafur Arnalds
Label: Decca Music Group Ltd.
Song: Soma
Artist: The Putbacks
Label: HopeStreet Recordings
Song: Waterfall
Artist: Samite
Label: Samite Artistic Productions
Artist: The Beatles
Label: EMI Catalogue

Stories in this Edition

Dutch church ends 96-day service as Armenian family spared deportation

The Tamrazyans, a family of five whose asylum claim had previously been denied, were spared deportation after the four government coalition parties on Tuesday agreed to review several hundred asylum cases involving children who’d spent most of their lives in the Netherlands or were born there.