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MARCO WERMAN: Before we take a break, we wanted to share with you a historic bit of news. It's about a US soldier who went above and beyond the call of duty in Afghanistan. The White House announced that President Obama personally called Sergeant Salvatore Giunta to tell him he is being awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. That's the nation's highest military decoration. The 25-year-old paratrooper from Iowa will be the first living American to receive the Medal of Honor since Vietnam. Six others have been awarded the medal, but posthumously. Giunta's heroism and leadership under extreme enemy fire saved his squad during an ambush in eastern Afghanistan's Korangal Valley. That was in October of 2007. The ambush and Sergeant Giunta's role was also recounted in the book War by Sebastian Junger. Giunta told him �I didn't run through fire to do anything heroic or brave. I did what I believe anyone would have done.�