Russian spies in Boston

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The World's Jason Margolis reports on what people in Cambridge, Massachusetts make of the fact that suspected Russian spies lived and worked in their midst.

DAVID BARON: The man who called himself Donald Heathfield was living in Cambridge Massachusetts. The World's, Jason Margolis has more on that.

JASON MARGOLIS: If I were a Russian spy, which I'm not, I'd go directly to Washington or New York where I could infiltrate the seats of power. The people in Cambridge say that'd be a mistake. You should come here.

ELISE BLAXILL: It's a great place to be a spy. Of course you would come here.

MARGOLIS: That's Cambridge resident and art consultant, Elise Blaxill. I spoke with her and some other locals at the restaurant ?Upstairs on the Square.? It's a one-minute walk from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, where alleged spy Donald Heathfield earned a masters. Restaurant owner Mary-Catherine Deibel says a lot of important brain power works right near by.

MARY-CATHERINE DEIBEL: I've always thought if, sadly, if a nuclear bomb was going to be placed somewhere it would probably be Washington. And it might be Cambridge, Massachusetts between MIT and Harvard and the Kennedy School, but if it really is a nexus of important people who make decisions.

MARGOLIS: The Kennedy School is a rotating door of influential global players who come to speak and lecture and they often come here to eat. Deibel has served everyone from Michele Obama to Bono. A couple of years ago Mickael Gorbachev was in town.

DEIBEL: Yeah. He was having dinner with the Russian spies, did you know that?

SPEAKER: No, that's a joke. Right?

DEIBEL: That's a joke. That's a joke. That would be a joke.

SPEAKER: All right. Okay.

MARGOLIS: Beyond the networking possibilities there's also lots of information to be acquired in Cambridge. Engineer Ken Zimmerman says think of all the information at your fingertips.

KEN ZIMMERMAN: Whatever you want. MIT is just a stones' throw. Laboratories are just a stones' throw from MIT, R&D labs that are working on medical, biotech and scientific equipment. What else can I say? It would be a dream for a Russian spy to come to Cambridge.

MARGOLIS: Everyone I spoke with in Cambridge seemed giddy that Russian spies where allegedly in their midst. Restaurant owner Mary-Catherine Deibel said, ?Yep, that's true.?

MARY KATHERINE DIBLE: I think every single person in Cambridge that I've talked to about it, had a good laugh about it. We love the fact that it's almost as though a movie has come true, like you don't really think that that's really going to happen, where it's so '60s is all I can think. And we love the fact that Cambridge has had these, you know high profile for 10 years, Russian spies living right in our midst and who knew? It's exciting.

MARGOLIS: Art consultant, Elise Blaxill hopes the excitement isn't over.

ELISE BLAXILL: I mean the more the merrier. It's always fun to have intrigue.

MARGOLIS: For the world, I'm Jason Margolis, Cambridge Massachusetts.