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The British magazine 'Restaurant' just named a Copenhagen restaurant named Noma the best eatery in the world. Anchor Marco Werman has more.

MARCO WERMAN: And while we're on the subject of food, how does ox cheek and endive grab you? Or how about pickled vegetables and bone marrow served with herbs and bouillon? Those are few of the items on the menu at Noma, a restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark that is about to become a whole lot busier. The British magazine Restaurant, just crowned Noma the best eatery in the world. While Danish cuisine isn't especially popular worldwide, the restaurant doesn't try to emulate more famous fare like French or Italian. Noma's menu and approach is decidedly Nordic. Deep seat crabs, halibut, wild salmon, cod, seaweed and curds. On the meat side, there is lamb and musk ox. Noma's chef and owner, Rene Redzepi is a veteran of El Bulli, the Spanish restaurant that was just toppled from its number one spot after four years. In an interview Redzepi, who is Danish, admitted he missed certain ingredients he cooked with in Spain like fruit.