World cup stickers stolen

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A World Cup sticker is considered a prized souvenir. So much so that gunmen in Brazil have apparently stolen hundreds of thousands of the stickers from the Sao Paolo company that distributes them. Anchor Jeb Sharp has more.

JEB SHARP: World Cup frenzy is an international phenomenon, of course, and some thieves in Brazil are looking to cash in. Police say five gunmen stole a bunch of official World Cup stickers from the company that distributes them. The robbers got off with quite a haul, actually, they took 675,000 of the stickers. The stickers are worth more than $57,000.00. National dishes are on the table for today's geoquiz. They are traditional foods that come from particular places in the world. Here in the U.S. the hamburger and the hot dog are as American as well, apple pie. Scotland is known for Haggis. Russians are fond of Borscht. Mauritius serves up Octopus Curry and Norway's got Lutefisk. You get the idea. Now we'd like you to name the country and its capital where traditional Hatchapouri comes from. A bakery in Eurasia is a good place to start looking. It' so popular in the country on the Black Sea we're looking for, that the government wants to trademark the recipe. The traditional recipe calls for a slightly sour and salty cheese called Suliguni. We'll fill you in on Hatchapouri and it's country of origin in less time than it takes yeast to rise.