First Lady visits Haiti

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First Lady Michelle Obama paid a surprise visit to Haiti today. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Guy Delva, head of the Haitian Journalists Association in Port au Prince.

MARCO WERMAN: Guy Delva is the head of the Haitian Journalists Association in Port au Prince. He covered today's surprise visit to the city by First Lady Michele Obama.

GUY DELVA: She has been received by the President of Haiti, Rene Preval, and the First Lady of Haiti, Mrs. Elizabeth Preval. So that's a very historic visit here, the First Lady of the United States of America, the wife of the first U.S. black President.

WERMAN: And what do Haitians actually expect from Michele Obama's visit there?

DELVA: The Haitians, they love Obama very much, as you know, because Haiti as the first black republic of the world, so they think that they have paved the way for Obama to become the first U.S. black President. So seeing Michele Obama here, Haitians should be very excited.

WERMAN: Is there hope among Haitians that Michele Obama's visit will be more than just symbolic, and that she might actually bring something to help the misery out?

DELVA: Yes, after the meeting held on March 31st in New York, where the U.S. has pledged 1.15 billion dollars for Haiti to help with the reconstruction. There is hope that the U.S. government will help here and more than they have been doing so far.

WERMAN: Now Guy, for you it's interesting that the newspaper, Le Nouvelliste, one of Port au Prince's leading dailies resumed its publication. As a journalist that's got to be a hopeful sign for you.

DELVA: Yes and after the earthquake has not been able to work normally. Several medial outlets are working under tents in the middle of streets or in other open areas. And Le Nouvelliste is the most senior newspaper in Haiti. They're going on their 12 years, so of course seeing Le Nouvelliste coming back stronger is a good sign for - - .

WERMAN: Now Michele Obama is there today? I understand that pop singer Shakira was just there. Tell us about her visit.

DELVA: Yeah. Shakira was here on Sunday. She spent only a few hours, but as you know she has a lot of fans among the quake survivors and the - - were very happy to see her. And she announced that she will build a school in Haiti and people are very happy about it.

WERMAN: So it is meaningful for Haitians to see all these celebrities.

DELVA: Yes. Not only they give some kind of inspiration, but also they are trying to do something concrete, something real. Like Sean Penn, like Wyclef Jean, like what Shakira has announced, they're helping by inspiring people to have hope in their future, but also they are trying to do something concrete.

WERMAN: Guy Delva, head of the Haitian Journalists Association, very good to speak with you.

DELVA: Thank you. The pleasure is mine.