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Anchor Marco Werman remembers Malcolm McLaren, former manager of the Sex Pistols and creator of the British punk music scene. McLaren died today at the age of 64.

MARCO WERMAN: Before we take a break we want to note the passing today of one of the music industry's most colorful figures. Malcolm Mclaren was 64. He had cancer. Mclaren was a fashion designer, a musician and an impresario. He worked with a hugely eclectic number of musicians from Africa Bumbada to Bow Wow Wow to the New York Dolls. But he was best known as the man behind the Sex Pistols. He managed their rise to fame in the late 1970's. He also managed their snarling nihilistic image outfitting them in punk clothes from a London store he co-owned. Put in today's terms, Mclaren created the punk brand and he always had global aspirations. Here's a song he commissioned, a French version of the Sex Pistols of Anarchy in the U.K.