Kidnapped boy found safe in Pakistan

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MARCO WERMAN: Before we take a break, we wanted to tell you about another story. This one's from Pakistan, and it has a good ending. A five-year-old British boy was kidnapped in the Punjab province about two weeks ago. Sahil Saeed was there visiting relatives. Police say Saeed was taken from a house where a gang held his family at gunpoint. Officials say the kidnappers demanded a ransom. Today, the boy was freed � unharmed. Britain's High Commissioner in Pakistan, Adam Thomson, describes what happened.

ADAM THOMSON: The release was made as a result of a phone call made to his family. He was released nearby to a school, alone; wandered into a local field and was found by some local residents who looked after him until such time his family found him with the police.

WERMAN: Back in the north of England, the boy's mother says she's �ecstatic� that Sahil's been returned. Akila Naqqash says she spoke to her son on the phone, and he sounded remarkably unphased, considering what he'd been through.

AKILA NAQQASH: He's going on and on and on about his toys and his sisters and everything, like just a normal little boy.

WERMAN: There are still a lot of questions about the case. Sahil was found just twenty miles from his grandmother's home. Police say they don't know how he got there, or where he was held. They also haven't said whether the family paid a ransom or if there have been any arrests. Kidnapping has become a major problem in Pakistan in recent years. Most of the victims are Pakistani nationals.