Doctors in Haiti lack basics

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The BBC's Mike Thomson reports from a makeshift hospital in Haiti, where doctors say many of the wounded could die for lack of medicine or the right medical equipment.

MARCO WERMAN: Fellow BBC reporter, Mike Thomson is also in Haiti.

MIKE THOMSON: I'm in a makeshift hospital at the U.N. base near Port au Prince airport and surrounded by two to three hundred bunkbeds, all occupied by people severely injured in the earthquake. Many of them are children.

DELPHINE REBAWTHEM: Most of what we see is fractures, wounds, crush injuries from the rubble. Most of them are pretty serious.

MIKE THOMSON: Pediatrician Delphine Rebawthem.

REBAWTHEM: One of the things that we're seeing a lot is either open fractures where you have the bone that's sticking out through the skin. Unfortunately, this leaves these children at huge risk for infection, gangrene. We have had multiple losses of limbs and multiple losses of life.

THOMSON: Rebawthem says many of these child casualties can be blamed on the lack of vitally needed medical facilities and equipment, much of which has still not arrived here, despite repeated requests.

REBAWTHEM: The sad truth is that we do not have a lot of the equipment we need here to do a lot of the surgeries which are needed desperately so we need to get some of these kids out to other hospitals, other institutions where they do have the capabilities to do surgeries or they will die and that's something that is extremely frightening and frustrating.

THOMSON: Since the earthquake struck, have many children died here?

REBAWTHEM: Sadly, yes. I've seen far too many children die already. There are a few that I'm very, very worried about and that I've, I'm sorry, that I've become very concerned about over the last day or so. Some of them we were supposed to fly out yesterday but the trucks didn't come so now we're waiting. I know one mother, she already lost three of her children on Tuesday and this is her last child and I don't think he's going to make it if something doesn't happen very, very soon, as in today.

WERMAN: Pediatrician Delphine Rebawthem, speaking there with the BBC's Mike Thomson.