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Science, Tech & Environment

Trees that helped save America's farms during the Dust Bowl are now under threat

The Great Plains were the nation’s breadbasket, but drought in the 1930s created the Dust Bowl. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s solution was to plant trees as a shelterbelt to help hold back the dust. The plan worked, but now some farmers, forced by economic necessity to maximize crop yields, are cutting them down.

Conflict & Justice

A Syrian with Temporary Protected Status says it's a matter of life or death

The Trump Administration announced Wednesday that Temporary Protected Status for Syrians will be extended for 18 months beyond its expiration date in March. TPS has enabled a young Syrian man named Amr Sinna to live, work, study and buy property in the US. He's been anxiously awaiting yesterday's announcement, along with almost 7,000 other Syrians living in the US with TPS.