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Russia grants bail to most of the Greenpeace activists charged with hooliganism

A Brazilian Greenpeace activist walked out of a courtroom in Saint Petersburg, Russia on Wednesday, free until her trial on charges of hooliganism. She was holding a sign that said "Save the Arctic." Most of the 29 others picked up in the Arctic while protesting offshore drilling there, have been granted bail and should be released this weekend.


Here's a rare glimpse of JFK's assassin, from his co-workers in Minsk, Belarus


The man who shot JFK in Dallas — Lee Harvey Oswald — first defected to the former Soviet Union and worked in a factory in Minsk. He married there and was under the watchful eye of Soviet intelligence, before he decided to return to the US. His former co-workers remember him fondly and refuse to believe he shot President Kennedy.

Global Scan

Sectarian violence costs more lives in Lebanon

The Sunni-Shiite conflict erupted again in Lebanon on Tuesday, killing dozens and injuring many more. Lebanon has been relatively calm in recent years, but there have been concerns Syrian violence would spill over. Plus, local government corruption is slowing the typhoon response in the Philippines and Parisians are developing a taste for grasshoppers.