Full story - October 25, 2018
the silhouettes of members of the ultra orthodox community in Jerusalem
Though Haredim as a whole aim to isolate themselves from secular society, seeing it as a threat to their traditional way of life, a recent string of popular shows about these closed-off and highly conservative religious communities have emerged.
Full story - October 24, 2018
a child plays at a camp in Idlib, Syria
While the Trump administration’s Iran stance clearly plays a role in the sudden shift on Syria, the president’s own emotions and personal interactions may have had something to do with it as well.
Full story - October 22, 2018
Refugee children sleep outside in Sweden
With Sweden Democrats’ gains, many immigrants in Sweden fear their status will be revoked and that they will be sent back to war zones.
Full story - October 26, 2018
Souad Abderrahim dedicated her victory in City Hall to all Tunisian women.
Full story - October 23, 2018
In some rural parts of Kenya, widowhood means you’re of little value. Culturally, widows are considered impure, and tradition dictates that they must be cleaned — or “cleansed” — of their partners’ death. The aim is to chase away the demons; the ritual requires women to have sex — either with a relative or stranger.
Full story - October 15, 2018
Late on Oct. 4, Verona’s local council approved a motion “to prevent abortion and sustain maternity,” which allows the use of public money to fund vehemently anti-abortion Catholic organizations and encourages doctors to dissuade women from aborting. The coalition of center-right councilors also tried and failed to present a motion that would require all aborted fetuses to be buried in a cemetery, even without the consent of the woman involved.
Full story - October 05, 2018
a man holds a protest sign in Lisbon
As political chaos grows across the Atlantic, Brazilian migrants in Portugal are mobilizing in protest.
Full story - September 28, 2018
an unmarked border between Ireland and Northern Ireland
Political and economic uncertainty over Britain’s decision to leave the European Union is making people on the Irish border fear for the island’s fragile peace
Full story - September 24, 2018
Lawrence Alatrash, 25, a non-binary gay Syrian refugee, shows a photo of himself on his mobile phone dressed up in a green tutu for last year's gay pride parade in downtown Athens, Greece.  
Lawrence Alatrash fled his homeland in 2012, not only because of the developing Syrian civil war but also because of safety concerns due to his sexual orientation and gender identity. Now, at 25, he has the freedom to openly express his true self for the first time. 
Full story - September 20, 2018
a poster in North Korea calling for the US to withdraw its military from the south
After three days of talks between the leaders of North and South Korea, spirits are high and promises are many. And South Korean leader Kim Jong-un wants another direct meeting with President Donald Trump.