Full story - June 04, 2019
Police control crowd in protest with signs with Korean letters.
North Korea might rebuff aid offers out of resentment or for fear that the extra food comes with strings attached.
Full story - May 31, 2019
Young soldier wearing uniform raises his fist alongside other cheering soldiers
Cheaper and deadlier than ever, drones are now taking off around the clock in Yemen, as Houthi rebels step up their drone campaign in their fight against the Saudi-backed coalition.
Full story - May 29, 2019
A woman politician gives a thumbs up on back of truck
Historically shut out of Indian politics, women are now busting societal prejudices and gaining political power. 
Full story - May 28, 2019
A woman porter in Ceuta wears colorful straw hat and leopard print jacket
After several female porters were trampled to death in Ceuta, Spain, private merchants took measures to improve working conditions. But is it enough?
Full story - May 24, 2019
Man stands wearing white shirt in front of a hotel.
Over 1,400 defectors and their families are holed up in hotels in Cúcuta, Colombia, where they are registered as asylum-seekers, according to Colombia's migration authority. But funding has run out.
Full story - May 23, 2019
Syrian refugee Nujeen Mustafa poses after a charity Christmas event
Nujeen Mustafa's story is one of survival against seemingly insurmountable odds. And she's not alone. An estimated 10 million people with disabilities have been forced to flee their homes due to war and persecution.
Full story - May 22, 2019
Three women sit around a laptop with background of colorful handprints
On Friday, May 24, Kenya's High Court ruled to dismiss a petition to scrap sections 162 and 165 of the country's penal code that criminalizes gay sex. But the movement to fight for LGBTQ rights continues.
Full story - May 20, 2019
Nadia Murad gestures with her hands against a blue sky.
As the US withdraws troops from Syria, displaced Yazidi women fear increased insecurity in the region could postpone rehabilitation and a return to their homeland in Iraq.
Full story - May 08, 2019
A woman stands with her back to the camera wearing a plaid green and yellow scarf.
The state of Assam declared Fatima Begum a "foreigner," but she was born there and has numerous official certificates and identification documents to prove it.
Full story - April 29, 2019
a submarine surfaces with bird flying overhead
A Cold War-Era “no comment” policy resurfaces in the trial of Catholic activists.