Full story - March 15, 2019
Man in uniform stands between two civilians with gesture of calm.
Tensions between Brazil and Venezuela intensified last month after violent clashes broke out on the border over a botched humanitarian aid delivery plan. While tensions have subsided and the possibility of armed conflict has been ruled out, relations remain strained. 
Full story - March 14, 2019
Two diplomats stand in front of a sign that reads ban nuclear weapons
The United Nations’ Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons — also known as the Ban treaty —  could become the first new major legal move toward disarmament in more than 20 years.
Full story - March 14, 2019
Marielle Franco speaks on a mic
Marielle Franco was Brazil's most prominent advocate and defender of human rights. A year after Franco was shot dead, her followers continue to mourn and demand answers from the government as to the murky circumstances of her murder.
A group of migrants cross a shallow river and met with border agents in green uniforms.
For some Salvadorans, the promise of the “American Dream” has been tainted by coordinated deterrence efforts from Mexico and the United States. They're looking to places like Costa Rica for refuge — for now.
Full story - March 08, 2019
International Women's Day
To mark International Women's Day and Women's History Month, we've pulled together the stories of four women around the globe who had a profound impact on their communities.
Full story - March 11, 2019
A woman crouches down and scrubs a large Persian rug in the desert.
Abandoned refugees at the Rukban settlement on the Syrian-Jordanian border are desperate for aid, but a geopolitical standoff has made it nearly impossible — and conditions are only getting worse.
Full story - March 05, 2019
Red stencil of eyes on a turquoise blue background.
As Juan Guaidó and Nicolás Maduro continue to vie for power in Venezuela, former and current Chavistas struggle to make sense of the legacy of the Bolivarian Revolution. 
Full story - March 08, 2019
Chavela Vargas
The bohemian Vargas, named Isabel Vargas Lizano at birth, was famous for her unique delivery of traditional, Mexican ranchera music.
Full story - May 16, 2019
Chinese feminist
While China’s government has cracked down on women’s rights activists through censorship, an informal network of Chinese citizens living abroad are working to support their efforts to combat sexual harassment and inequality back home. They want to bring the stories of activists and other women in China to international audiences.
Full story - March 01, 2019
Shadow of patrolmen along slated wall at US border.
As of Feb. 21, Mexico had accepted 112 Central American asylum-seekers from the US, including 25 minors, according to Tonatiuh Guillén, head of Mexico’s immigration agency.