Obama effect in Zimbabwe

Zimbabweans have hopes that the new Obama administration will help bring about changes in their beleaguered country. Andrew Meldrum is Senior Editor at Global Post-dot-com in Boston.

Conflict & Justice

The price of digging for diamonds

Zimbabwe's government says the country's economy may grow this year. The African country is hoping to raise money through diamond sales. Today in part 2 of her report, Laura Lynch looks at claims that the diamond fields have also become killing fields.


Tension in Zimbabwe ahead of election

Zimbabwe's economy is in tatters and this weekend, President Robert Mugabe is facing his toughest re-election bid since the end of white rule there; Anchor Marco Werman speaks with the CBC's Laura Lynch, who's in the capital Harare covering the election.


Zimbabwe election update

Anchor Lisa Mullins has the latest on Zimbabwe's disputed election. Today British Prime Minister Gordon Brown called for an arms embargo to prevent violence in the country from escalating.