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Zimbabwe analysis

Anchor Lisa Mullins gets an expert analysis on the situation in Zimbabwe from Andrew Meldrum, a journalist who covered Zimbabwe for 20 years, until he was expelled by President Mugabe's government.

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Zimbabwe uncertainty

Anchor Lisa Mullins gets an update from reporter Laura Lynch on Zimbabwe's drawn-out election process, as three days after voters went to the polls, only partial results are available and an air of tense uncertainty pervades the country.

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Zimbabwe on the brink

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with reporter Laura Lynch in Zimbabwe about today's claim by the opposition MDC party that its candidate had won the presidential election held Saturday

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Exiled Zimbabwean journalist

Residents in Zimbabwe are anxiously awaiting results from Saturday's presidential election, and so are hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans in exile, as Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with one ex-pat, Violet Gonda, a radio journalist in California.

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Rebuilding Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's economy is in a free fall but experts say the country has a good economic base to recover from -- if the political situation stabilizes, as The World's Jason Margolis reports.


Zimbabwe farm invasions

Lisa Mullins speaks with John Worswich, chief executive of a group in Zimbabwe called "Justice for Agriculture,� who says thugs associated with Zimbabwe's embattled ruling party have been invading farms as the country's political uncertainty continues.