Global Politics

Vladimir Putin's grudge with Hillary Clinton

When Vladimir Putin first took control of Russia, Bill Clinton was the US president. Frontline filmmaker Mike Kirk tells how Putin came to consider the United States an existential threat, how he consolidated his power to confront the US, and why launching a campaign to disrupt the 2016 US presidential election would not have been out of character.


Beloved Yemeni activist abducted by government security

Hisham al-Omeisy, the Yemeni man who has done much to inform audiences around the globe about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, has been in detention in Yemen's National Security Bureau in the capital, Sanaa. Journalists around the globe are rallying for his release.


Conflict & Justice

The US and Yemen

BBC Diplomatic Correspondent Jonathan Marcus speaks with anchor Marco Werman about the foreign policy challenges the Obama Administration faces in Yemen and the rest of the region.

Conflict & Justice

Further protests in Yemen

There were further violent clashes between anti-government protesters and security forces in Yemen on Friday. Marco Werman talks with Charles Dunbar, former US Ambassador to Yemen, about the latest developments in that country.

Conflict & Justice

Fighting for Change in Yemen

Tensions are escalating in Yemen, where thousands have protested the rule of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. In the meantime, violence is worsening, parts of the country have fallen out of the government's control and Yemen's economy is collapsing.