Conflict & Justice

Yemen and national security

Yemen says it will build a rehabilitation centre for detainees returning from Guantanamo to deter them from joining terrorist groups. The World's Katy Clark reports on the success rate of such rehab programs.

Global Politics

Come to Yemen

The negative international press surrounding Yemen is making one person's job increasingly difficult ? the man who's trying to sell the country to would-be tourists. Anchor Marco Werman reports.

Conflict & Justice

Yemen, the new terrorism front

Yemen has become a hotbed of radical Islamic militant activity. Many of Osama bin Laden's former associates now live there. Anchor Marco Werman finds out more from Sudarsan Raghavan, Baghdad Bureau Chief for the Washington Post.

Conflict & Justice

Fighting terrorism in Yemen

The US and Yemen share an interest in stamping out the Yemen-based group, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which has been blamed for the attempt to blow up flight 253 to Detroit on Christmas Day. Jeb Sharp talks with the BBC's Jonathan Head.