Vatican City

Global Politics

Pope Francis and Argentina's Dirty War

The new Pope, formerly Jorge Mario Bergoglio, was head of the Jesuit Order in Argentina during much of that nation's darkest episode, the so-called Dirty War in the 1970s and early '80s. That has led to some uncomfortable questions there about his role.

Global Politics

Hugo Chavez and the Vatican

Venezuela's interim President Nicholas Maduro suggested that the late president Hugo Chavez might have "influenced" the selection of a Latin American pope from "his perch in heaven." But during his lifetime, Chavez ridiculed Catholic leaders in Venezuela.


Lifestyle & Belief

Pope opens door for Anglican communion

Pope Benedict XVI is paving the way for Anglican groups to take communion with the Catholic Church. Guests: Retired Rev. George Langberg, Bishop of the Northeast Anglican Church in America and John Allen, correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter.

Conflict & Justice

Demystifying sainthood

On Sunday, Australia will have its own saint when Mary MacKillop, a nun who died in 1909, is sanctified by the Vatican. We speak with former Newsweek religion editor Kenneth Woodward about Catholic hagiography, the process of becoming a saint.