Vatican City


Lifestyle & Belief

iHave a Confession to Make

The Takeaway speaks to one entrepreneur who has taken up the challenge. Patrick Leinen is the co-founder of Little iApps and creator of The Confession App, which facilitates Catholics who aim to seek penance for their sins.

Arts, Culture & Media

Geo Quiz and Answer

The Geo Quiz today takes us to the intersection of religion and technology. We're looking for the city of the patron saint of computer users and the Internet. Anchor Lisa Mullins brings us the answer -- it's Seville in Spain.

Global Politics

Church and state in Britain

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Patricia Fara, who teaches the history and philosophy of science in Clare College at Cambridge University, about the role of religion in British society, and how it compares to the situation here in the United States.

Conflict & Justice

Vatican bank gets an upgrade

Lisa Mullins talks with theologian Father Thomas Reese about changes in the Vatican Bank. New rules announced today should increase transparency, prevent money laundering or the financing of terrorists.

Global Politics

Mr. Diaz Goes To The Vatican

President Obama has nominated Miguel Diaz, a Cuban-American theology professor from Minnesota, as the new ambassador to the Vatican. If confirmed by the Senate, Diaz will be the first Latino to fill this post. The BBC's David Willey joins us with more.

Global Politics

The Pope and the President

President Barack Obama will meet with Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican today. Joining The Takeaway is BBC Rome Correspondent David Willey. Also joining us is Cathleen Kaveny, the John P. Murphy Foundation Professor of Law and Theology at Notre Dame.