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U.S. Under Pressure at Climate Talks

Montreal hosts the United Nations Climate Change Conference ?the first official meeting since the Kyoto Protocol became law earlier this year. Living on Earth attended the gathering in which signatories to the Kyoto treaty set the protocol in motion. Many

Climate Change Talks

Nations will soon meet in Montréal to try to lay out the next phase of greenhouse gas reductions. On the agenda: how to bring large developing countries, like China and India, on board to set limits on their carbon emissions.

Out of the Car

After living and bicycling in Germany for two years, our commentator prefers to see her car sitting in the driveway idle, not idling.

Setting Standards for Organic Seafood

Organics and health food are a growing business in the United States. With recent news that farmed-raised salmon has up to ten times the levels of toxins compared to wild salmon, consumers are increasingly concerned about the fish they buy. The government

Living it Up

Food, fashion and culture are qualities that make a city attractive, but what about livable? Outside Magazine has a list of dream towns that are re-designing for "eco-smart living."

Manufacturing Science

A new study looks at the history of how industry groups actively discredit scientific evidence brought against them, in attempts to avoid environmental regulation.


Coronavirus Conversations

Discussion: COVID-19 is testing emergency preparedness. What's next?


The coronavirus crisis has put hospitals around the globe under incredible stress. Many are asking, “Are we prepared?” The answer seems to increasingly be, “no.” So, what's next? The World's Elana Gordon moderated a live discussion with Leonard Marcus from the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

COVID-19: The latest from The World

Japan declares emergency; Coronavirus impacts democratic participation; Hezbollah's latest front line?

Japan has issued emergency declarations for several prefectures, and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson remains in intensive care. And, in Lebanon, Hezbollah's latest front line is the fight against coronavirus. And in Iran many are wondering if they can survive the disease and the financial crisis accelerated by US sanctions. Also, these monkeys at the Tulane National Primate Research Center are helping humans fight the coronavirus.

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Wuhan leaves coronavirus lockdown; Taiwan's success overshadowed by politics; ultra-Orthodox customs challenged

Residents of Wuhan, China, are allowed to leave the city after 11 weeks under lockdown. But in the US, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases dwarfs those from the next three hardest-hit countries. Taiwan's success in fighting the coronavirus is overshadowed by the One China policy, while in South Africa, the government response highlights deep inequalities. And in Israel, coronavirus restrictions contradict many ultra-Orthodox customs. And, why this teen wanted her quinceañera to double as a voter registration site.

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Trump adds blocks to WHO funding and expels thousands of migrants; online voting push leaves experts worried; alcohol bans under lockdown

The Trump administration is requiring additional approval for funds sent to the World Health Organization. And, Spain considers a permanent universal basic income. Thousands of migrants and asylum-seekers have been expelled from the US with minimal processing, as the Trump administration cites the coronavirus in sidestepping international law. Plus, some tips on how to celebrate April holidays when you're unable to gather with family and friends.