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New James Bond book

There's a new James Bond book out, as anchor Lisa Mullins explains. This one's not written by Ian Fleming. It's written by author Sebastian Faulks to honor James Bond's creator. It's called "Devil May Care."

Geo quiz and answer

We're calling today's Geo Quiz a "Geo-political Quiz." Anchor Marco Werman gets questions and answers from Carolyn O'Hara, senior editor at Foreign Policy magazine.

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Legal chronicles of Narnia

Narnia is the setting for a new film, but Narnia also figures in the latest case of cyber-squishing, and Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Gillian Ferguson of Edinburgh, Scotland who owns the domain name, "narnia.mobi,"

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Salman Rushdie's new novel

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Salman Rushdie about his new novel, 'The Enchantress of Florence,' and with The World's book critic, Christopher Merrill. Rushdie's 1981 novel, 'Midnight's Children,' has just won the Best of the Booker Prize award.


Human waste feeds British crops

British farmers are increasingly using human waste to fertilize their crops; the technique has a long history, and it's growing increasingly popular around the world, as The World's Alex Gallafent reports.