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Young Turkish activists prove it will be hard for Erdogan to shut down free expression

Turks will vote on a referendum Sunday that would expand the powers of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and could keep him in office until 2029. Opponents say it's a power grab by an increasingly authoritarian ruler — and they’re finding creative ways to stand up to a president who’s been widely accused of cracking down on free expression.

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Despite court ruling, Islamic butcher in Germany faces hurdles to halal slaughter

Rüstem Altinküpe, a practicing Muslim in Germany, has operated a butcher shop in Germany since 1988. He practiced halal slaughter, the form of animal slaughter required by observant Muslims. Germany banned halal slaughter in 1995, but Altinküpe challenged the ban and won in 2002. Still, his butcher shop is idled as Germany bureaucracy throws up more barriers.