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Scarves in Turkey

Turkey's parliament is expected to approve a bill this week that allows female university students to wear headscarves and that's upsetting secular Turks, as the BBC's Sarah Rainsford reports from Istanbul.

The World - Episode 20071218 - Turkey goes after Kurdish rebels

Hundreds of Turkish troops reportedly crossed over into northern Iraq today to battle against Kurdish rebels. The incursion came as Secretary of State Condoleezza made a visit to Iraq. The conflict puts the United States in a diplomatic tight spot. Both Turkey and the Iraqi Kurds are U.S. allies. Anchor Lisa Mullins finds out more from Scott Peterson with the Christian Science Monitor.

Let's Talk Turkey

You've probably tried an heirloom tomato, but what about an heirloom turkey? With names like Jersey Buff, Silver Auburn, and Bourbon Red, these are not the big white toms on most Thanksgiving tables. But heirloom birds are clawing their way back. Living o

Talkin' Turkey

A growing number of food companies, including MacDonald's, are saying "no" to antibiotic-fed poultry. Antibiotics in turkey, chicken and cattle feed could cause drug resistance in humans.