Conflict & Justice

The World After the Arab Spring

Historically, events in the Middle East are moving at lightening speed. The BBC's Paul Danahar has written a book about some of the lasting themes. Marco Werman speaks with Danahar about Syria, US policy and the prospects for democracy in the Mideast.

Global Politics

Big Macs won't satisfy Vietnamese desire for human rights

Vietnam is becoming increasingly technologically connected -- and many Vietnamese are becoming increasingly unhappy with their government's restrictions on them. The United States, however, has been largely silent, seeing an opportunity to connect with an important Pacific Rim country.

Conflict & Justice

Why Egypt Crisis Worries Neighbors

There's a saying in the Middle East, as goes Egypt so goes the Arab World. The current chaos in Cairo is being watched with concern in Libya and Tunisia, as anchor Marco Werman hears from the BBC's North Africa correspondent, Rana Jawad.