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Which repressive regime is restricting protests now? Try a state in Australia...

Legislators in the state of Victoria have imposed strict new rules on public protesters. Critics say it's an effort to clamp down on long-running protests. In Sri Lanka, it's hard to hold onto an executioner, even though no one has been executed for nearly 40 years. And Caribbean dads fight to be present when their kids are born, in today's Global Scan.


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Global Hit

Anchor Marco Werman tells us bout the big winner of last night's Latin Grammys, and introduces us to the music of Calypso Rose -- a singer from Tobago, from her latest self-titled album.

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Caribbean island

Shake off that winter chill and start daydreaming about a tropical vacation. The Geo Quiz is taking us to a Caribbean island. It's the smaller of two main islands that make up a nation.