A new book documents China’s exploitation of Tibet’s natural resources

The recent agreement between the US and China to reduce greenhouse emissions made headlines — and rightly so. It was a big step for both nations. But, striking a balance between environmental protection and economic ascendance is much more complicated than that. In China especially, it seems, for every step forward, there are often two steps back. Its actions in Tibet are a prime example, according to a newly-published book.


Michael Kodas

Author Michael Kodas talks about the high level of theft, sabotage and illicit behavior that takes place on the slopes of Mt. Everest, as told in his book, "High Crimes: The Fate of Everest in an Age of Greed."

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Monks protest in Tibet

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Jigme Ngapo (NF), director of the Tibetan Service of the US-funded Radio Free Asia, about the protests in Tibet this week; Buddhist monks there have reportedly demonstrated for two days, demanding independence from China.

Conflict & Justice

Unrest in Tibet

Anchor Katy Clark speaks with The World's Mary Kay Magistad about the unrest in Tibet, where protesters burned cars and shops today in the Tibetan city of Lhasa

Conflict & Justice

China's premier speaks on Tibet

The World's Mary Kay Magistad reports on China's response to the turmoil in Tibet; Chinese Premier Wen Jaibao set aside a planned speech aimed at promoting China's accomplishments to field questions about the Tibetan government's crackdown on protesters.