Conflict & Justice

Change for Syria

US special envoy George Mitchell will be in Syria soon. Anchor Katy Clark speaks with Syria expert, Joshua Landis, about the prospects for change in the Middle East. Landis is assistant professor of Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Oklahoma.

Global Politics

Restarting the peace process

President Obama has sent a team of high-level national security officials to the Middle East. He's trying to revive an Arab-Israeli peace process that has yet to get off the ground. The World's Matthew Bell reports.

Global Politics

Middle East and nukes

Iran's nuclear posturing has inspired some of its neighbors to pursue their own nuclear programs. Some experts say such programs could provide cover for the development of nuclear weapons in the region. The World's Aaron Schachter has the story.

Global Politics

The village of Ghajar

Israel is prepared to hand the northern section of a divided village on the Lebanon border over to United Nations forces. But people in the town aren't happy about it. They say they're part of Syria. Aaron Schachter reports from the village of Ghajar.

Global Politics

US sanctions in Syria

Relations between the United States and Syria are starting to improve after some tense years. But as Lina Sinjab reports from Damascus, Syrians are still unhappy about U-S sanctions that affect their daily lives.

Conflict & Justice

The drive for new sanctions on Iran

Washington is stepping up the pressure on Iran over its nuclear activities, Israel has demanded sanctions. Syria and Iran say they are standing together. The World's Matthew Bell reports on the US-led drive for new sanctions on Iran.